Using a layover as a mini vacation in Bangkok
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I have a flight scheduled into Bangkok and a few hour later into Siem Reap Cambodia. I would like to make the flight into Bangkok a few days earlier and explore Bangkok on my extended 'layover.' I have a U.S. passport - would there be any issues with that for Visa on arrival in Bangkok?
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No. You will get an automatic 30 days at the airport with a US passport.
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Also, fyi if you want to make it easy on yourself, the Airport Link underground/elevated train takes you directly from Suvarnabhumi Airport (for approx $1; 45 min) to the center of BKK, the Pratunam area, if you look for a hotel along that line.
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The Visa on a arrival stuff is very simple in Bangkok, and you should have no issues.

I would keep in mind that depending where you are coming from the jetlag is going to be tricky. I love Bangkok for being able to crash and sleep at weird times in hotels and get my new bearings a bit. It can be a surreal place to begin with, the jet lag and odd hours just adds to it.
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You'll be fine. Just remember to keep a-hold of the visa you get on arrival, as you'll need that when you depart.
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Oh right. Hopefully they will pass out the immigration arrival/departure card on the plane before you get there. Have a pen handy, fill out both sides, don't lose it.
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