Best place to buy bagels online?
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What's the best place to buy bagels online? Looking for widest selection + coolest functionality of the site (ie, remembers what I bought, makes suggestions, looks cool).
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not sure about site functionality but service and quality are hard to beat.
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To be at their best, bagels need to be bought fresh and eaten within hours of being made. There are places that send them mail order, but I'm not sure they'd be all that great to eat after a couple of days in transit unless you're intending to toast them.

Googling brings plenty of results.
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As I said elsewhere, Zabar's offers good NYC style bagels.
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What essexjan said. Old bagels, even if they were originally worth your money, aren't. Order some high-gluten flour and make your own if there's no good bagel source near you.
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I second Zabar's for quality, which I think would trump site functionality any day.

I've had Zabar's bagels after they were shipped overnight (the only way they'll sell them is with overnight shipping), and the bagels are still fresh when you get them.
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If you've got the jones for Montreal bagels, St-Viateur has online ordering. Sadly, you folks down south can't experience the joy, as St-V don't have an FDA licence.
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You need FDA permission to sell bread internationally?
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Second H and H. Probably the best all around bagel. You can buy a bunch as they freeze well.
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Try par-baked bagels such as these

Bake for 10 minutes in your oven. Very good, even by Manhattan standards.
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I recommend Lesters, because not only can you order St-Viateur OR Fairmount, you can also get smoked meat. They ship to the US, and you can get next day delivery. Since Montreal bagels are the best in the world, you can't beat it. I've ordered from them once - I was quite satisfied. The bagels are a little stale, but frozen and then microwaved still are better than any other bagel obtainable outside of Montreal, period.
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