Good PS4 games for 4 players?
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I'm looking for fun games for the PlayStation 4 that are easy to pick up, fun, not too violent, and well designed... that as many as 4 players can play (i.e., not online but all sitting together on the couch using the PS4 controllers).

Here are some games that we like a lot that fit the bill...

- Towerfall
- Overcooked
- Goat Simulator

...can you recommend any others?

P.S. I know that Gang Beasts and Ultimate Chicken Horse will be released later this year for PS4 and should be good candidates... but until then, we're looking for games available now!
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How about Spelunky? It's a bit chaotic with multiple people playing at once (you can play with up to 4), and the game can be hard, but my friends and I love it.
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Spelunky is excellent! I forgot to include that in our list, but that is indeed a great game for up to 4 players.
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Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

How about the Jackbox Party Packs? Can go even higher, usually up to 6-8. Not all the games are winners; we usually love one in each pack, like 2 or 3, and 1 of them stinks.
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(Another note re Jackbox: I'd start with Party Pack 2, personally.)
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Octodad! Each player controls a different limb and you have to work together to get the Octodad through the day of pretending to be human. Very fun couch game with friends, no real violence and nice cartoonish look.
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Octodad looks very promising - but the PlayStation online store lists it as a "1 player" game... does the PS4 version definitely have a multiplayer mode?
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Sportsfriends has a variety of games with 2 and 4 player couch vs modes. It was free on PlaystationPlus last year so you may even own it already.
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I've seen some pretty intense 4-person games of Rocket League. Never played it myself, but it looks fun!
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Little Big Planet 3. Supports couch co-op with up to four local players. Has enough depth and challenge to keep you interested, but still accessible enough that filthy casuals can pick it up and have fun right away. High replayability due to user-generated content.

Lacks the hardcore credentials of Spelunky, but fun. The music is better than it strictly has to be, too.
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Push Me Pull You. 4-player only, but by god it's both hilarious and a really good 2-on-2 game.
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Oh and yes, Rocket League! Best multiplayer game on the PS4, no contest.
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Co-optimus is a good source for researching this. Helldivers, Magicka 2, and Helldivers stand out.

But the real surprise is Diablo 3. It supports couch co-op! Video here. That is a hell of a good game.
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My kids always enjoy playing any of the Worms games on PS4 with me. And Tank Battles is easy to get into, but fun in a group.

Pixel Junk Shooter is only two-player, but they really enjoy it too.
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Octodad: Dadliest Catch is definitely 4 player on PS4: played it on PS4 with 3 friends last Friday and had a great time. For extra chaos, be sure to turn on random mode so that you switch which limb each player controls after every checkpoint.
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