Where to kill time today around the Bozeman Montana airport?
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I am flying into Bozeman, MT this afternoon and I have 2-3 hours to kill before my friend arrives on another flight. I'll have a rental car. Where should I pass the time? What should I do? I don't want to wander to far afield since I have to come pick up my friend.
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Pizza from Red Tractor pizza.

The REI is nice.

Go for a walk on Main Street.
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I love Bozeman! Been going there annually every summer if I can. Since it's cold, and you're shorter on time, I'd probably stay indoors for the most part, shopping around. Main Street's a safe bet; take you about 15-20min to get there. Take the route on Springhill Rd., as I-90 during the wintertime can be treacherous, from what I've heard. Best part about the airport parking is if you're just swinging in to pick up (i.e., 30min or less) it's free, so no worries. It'll take about 10 or so for them to get their luggage.

I'd stop by Country Bookshelf to peruse their selection, and then to Zocalo Coffee two blocks down to read whatever you've just bought. Cactus Records if you're into music; Great Rocky Mountain Toy for the kids. Fun to see what stores catch your eye, too.
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Agreed that perusing the shops on Main Street is probably your best bet. The airport is actually in the town of Belgrade, which doesn't have much to offer, but Bozeman's downtown is only about a 20 minute drive from the airport (which is super easy to get in and out of, given its small size). Zocalo Coffee is great, as is Rockford Coffee. I'll second the recommendation for Country Bookshelf and offer another for Vargos's Jazz City and Books. Main Street also has some decent-ish galleries, if you like Western or Native American art. Another option would be the Museum of the Rockies, which is close to downtown. Bozeman is a great town--enjoy!
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Thanks...I hit up Zocalo which was a nice comfortable place to stretch my legs. We hit up the Museum of the Rockies at the of the trip on our way back to the airport. For other people's reference, the La Pa Grill was conveniently located between the museum and airport and offered delicious, expedient food.
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