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Can a WD My Cloud work with PC and Mac simultaneously?

I'm finally putting into practice what I tell people at work all day: Backup early, backup often. I'm unsure if my proposed solution will work, though.

I'd like to buy this NAS and set up my wife's Macbook Pro with Time Machine and my Windows 10 PC with Windows Backup automatically to it. I'd also like to keep a section addressed separately as Plex media server storage.

I'm not familiar with the software WD uses for the NAS and Amazon's questions section doesn't really lay this out well. Is this something that is supported natively by the drive? If not, can I partition the drive the way I'd like it and expect it to behave properly? I'm really hoping someone on the green has personal experience with a My Cloud, ideally doing exactly what I'm hoping to do.

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Best answer: The WD My Cloud can have multiple shares which will do what you're asking.

Keep in mind you may want to create a user for the Time Machine backup and give it a quota so it doesn't expand to take up the whole disk.
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Best answer: I have a WD My Cloud drive similar to this one, and we use it to back up both a Windows 10 computer and a Macbook Air, with no problems. I remember it was easy to set up, and I don't think I had to set up any special partitions or Time Machine users to get it to work. IIRC, the Mac setup was really straightforward, and I used the WD backup software on the Windows 10 machine (but Windows Backup might work, too).
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Response by poster: Cool, that's precisely what I needed.

Thanks so much guys!
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