Help me find the best videos of dances in public, no flash mobs
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I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram video-crack and came across a clip of two women who guerrilla-filmed a choreographed hip hop dance next to an airport baggage claim. And I guess I forgot to "like" it, because now it's gone, never to be found again. What I am looking for now is more videos of 2-6 people doing some kind of short choreographed hip hop dance in a well known place like an airport or a big box store aisle, someplace where it wasn't exactly illegal, but they had to do it quickly and move on.

What I am not looking for is: Flash mobs. Single people dancing like no one's watching. People freestyling. Mimes. I would probably consider subways, but only if the people are doing it spontaneously, not busking. And the music needs to be audible. Why is this so hard to find?
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Although he starts out most of the dances himself, this guy often gets joined mid-dance by (prearranged) dance partners.
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Was this the original video you were looking at?
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Not exactly what you're looking for, but it's not like I'm going to pass a chance to post one of my favourite things on youtube a few years ago.
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Mannequin heads okay?
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This is the one I've seen.
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There are about a zillion dance "challenges" on YouTube/Instagram (like the "mannequin challenge," but for dancing) that Kids These Days participate in. I'm too old to know what the names are but I'm guessing "dance challenge" would bring up plenty of videos. They're choreographed by their nature, almost all amateurs, and I've seen plenty on public property.
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The Ellen show did dance dares = sneaking up behind people and dancing
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Thanks for everyone's ideas. The mannequin heads video comes closest to the type of video I want. And I finally did find the video I was originally looking for. It just reappeared in my instagram feed about a week after first seeing it. I could never find it using the typical dance tags.

For future reference, some useful instagram hashtags are #dailydanceoff, #targetdance, and #airportdanceparty
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