Online tool that creates variations of ONE photo to create animation?
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I'm looking for an online tool that I lost track of that does something unique, but, unfortunately, sounds like every gif maker out there. I believe it's a new tool, or at the very least, I saw it on a design blog within the last few months. It takes one photo, does some nifty redrawing voodoo and creates hundreds (thousands?) of subtly illustrated images that vary ever so slightly, and when all put together it turns into a softly animated image.

I am not looking for a gif maker that takes several/many photos to create a gif. I don't think this tool calls itself a gif maker at all, yet the end result is, I think, a downloadable gif.

I've been searching inside all the design sites I would have seen it on with all sorts of keywords and trying to google the basis premise, but I keep getting the same shitty gif makers/online photo editing tools. I'm not looking for you to google this for me, I'm hoping someone recognizes what this tool is! I'm pretty sure this came from a blog like Swiss-Miss or similar (design-oriented).

I'm 99.99% sure it does not have "gif" in the title. I just assume that's the final file format.

It only does this one thing. It's not an online photo editor. It's not a Photoshop plugin. It is not an app. It's not something I could do myself, the cool factor here is that it makes far more illustrations than you could do yourself with just the slightest tweak and puts them together really fast.

I believe you can fiddle with the style of illustration and that it's a pretty robust tool accessed on the web with a fairly simple interface. The example they show in the instructions is of a portrait.

The only other way I can think to describe it: if you could put an image in the Prisma app (but far more subtle than Prisma's filter), create a thousand variations on the way it's drawn, then smashed them all together for a subtle animation, then you'd have it.

Please save me from my stupidity in clicking "close pinned tab" awhile back when I decided I wouldn't use this tool, because now I would really really like to use it for a project and I cleared my history long ago.
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Like an animated photo?
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Are you thinking of Flixel?
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Is it something like Deep Dream?
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Deep Dream can, for example, create things like this gif
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No and no. Sorry, those aren't even close.

It is from one image. It is not from a video!

I don't need a tutorial. I'm looking for the tool that does this for me, and it's not an app.

On preview: Grandysaur, that is not it but it does seem similar! (Also, for future answers, I should note The Deep Dream website looks very slick compared to the tool I'm trying to find. It was almost Web 1.0-ish but I am almost certain it's a recent creation.) I will certainly keep it in mind if I can't uncover my original search, thank you!
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Nope, not at all :( It's not a downloadable app/something you have to sign up for/multipage website.

This webpage had a tool on a single page where you upload an image, and it then creates hundreds of variations from one photograph in a really subtle illustrative (think colored pencil but more realistic than a cheesy Photoshop filter) style through some AI wizardry. Like the Prisma app or Deep Dream, but WAY less stylized. It doesn't change the colors or create swirls or anything. When these images are all put together (I don't think you see the variations it creates) the end result is that every single part of the photograph moves slightly because of those variations. It doesn't cause the image to move, like a gif of say a person walking or actually moving. It gives it a texture that's constantly changing. I think my description of it being an "animation" might be causing confusion.

Hopefully the more detail I gave above helps. I'm trying to be explicit about what it is not because explaining what it is is challenging.
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