Good bar for a meetup in NYC, around 48 and lex, on a friday after work?
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I'll be heading for the city in a few weeks, a Friday night to Sunday morning jaunt. Looking for a bar that won't get overcrowded right away with after-work drinkers to call a meetup of old friends, people on a certain webforum I frequent, etc. Nothing fancy but quirky is okay.

We (feistycakes and I) want to keep it close to the hotel as we have a robust agenda for the next day- no crazy Brooklyn underground parties for us, we are old now!
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Your best bet is the walk over to second Ave. Stags Head maybe?
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You should probably post this in IRL and let the locals guide you..
Assuming the certain webforum is us...
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Friday night isn't a big after work drink time. You'll find plenty of space and good cocktails at Maloney & Porcelli, At Vermillion, Bull & Bear. Maggie's is my go to Irish pub thereabouts but half a dozen other options would do.
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Was going to also recommend Stag's Head or the Cornerstone Tavern, which is actually attached the the Stag's Head (entrance on 51st and Lex). Both stay pretty quiet until late.
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I would agree Maggie's is the best option due west.
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