SciFi Book ID question
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I was talking to a friend about "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline and it reminded me of another book I read around the same time but can't recall the title or author. The plot was as follows ...

Alien culture comes to visit earth for an extended time. They set up a base on the moon but are peaceful. Teen / 20-something semi-slacker protagonist is lent an alien game console and starts reviewing the games. The government is very interested in his contact with the aliens. Eventually he goes to visit them on the moon. There's some question about whether the aliens will stay to help or abandon the enterprise. I think it was written in the last few years. I'd much appreciate help with the title / author.

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Best answer: Sounds like Leonard Richardson's Constellation Games.
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is it by any chance Ernest Cline's other book, Armada?
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Response by poster: zztzed has it in 4 minutes. Thanks much.
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