How can I repeat or sustain a sample using Garageband's AUSampler?
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With Garageband's AUSampler, I want to hold down a key and have the sample sustain or repeat seamlessly, rather than abruptly stop—how do I do that?

I am a perpetual amateur at this stuff, but I finally figured out how to:

Slice up a wav file of someone else's song -> "Export song to disk" -> Open with AUSampler -> Trigger sample with Musical Keyboard

But I want to sustain the note. For example, I sample a 1-second horn note from an old jazz record, I want to hold down the key in the Musical Keyboard and have that horn note sustain for 5 seconds, basically stretch it out. Is that possible?
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Here's some info on AUSampler and Garageband:

I'm guessing something in the Hold Time/Release Time/Sustain Level will be what you want.
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A good keyword to search with might be "loop point".

ndfine's link suggests there's a checkbox you can set that will let you loop the entire sample, but that will loop the initial attack too, giving you a rhythmic "blaatblaatblaat" that repeats every second instead of the "blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat" that you want. You want to just pick a little segment towards the end of the sound and ask it to loop that.

Warning: no matter how carefully you set the loop points, the looping's probably still going to sound pretty weird and artificial. But possibly good enough depending on what use you have in mind.

The hold time/release time/sustain level sounds like just an amplitude envelope, it might help if you wanted a shorter sound or one with a softer attack, for example, but I doubt it'll help here.
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that will loop the initial attack too
(Or maybe it actually uses loop points pre-programmed into the sample, so behavior depends on the sample. In which case you may need a separate editor to make the samples and set loop points before importing to garage band. Anyway, clearly I don't actually know the answer to your question, so I'll shut up now....)

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Ahhhh - I see it now, in one of the screenshots in ndfine's link. Instead of clicking the layer, you have to click the sample name itself and then options change and there's a "loop" checkbox.

Great point about "loop point" — Googling the correct thing has honestly been the challenge. Thanks folks!
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