Cab driver parking, and parking, and parking....
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A resident in my apartment complex is a cab driver, and when I was walking my dog once I noticed him slowly driving through the parking lot (slower than one normally would), pulling into a space, waiting 2 to 5 seconds and then pulling out to do the same in a different space. Why?

After a few minutes he pulled around to a different parking lot and started again, but he also parked a couple of times in no space at all, just in the middle of the lot. I've noticed him doing this exact same thing one other occasion. I thought it might have something to do with manipulating the meter, but with no passenger, what is the point? And it wouldn't explain parking in almost every spot, would it? If so, what about parking in non-spots? My curiosity now must be assuaged .
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Could he have been looking for open WiFi networks?
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Is he maybe newish at what he does? I mean, fast parallel parking is a non-trivial skill, and as a cab driver, you'd really want to be able to swoop assertively into any size space. He might just be practicing.
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Trying to get WiFi Signal?

His car was about to roll over 22222 and 23456 and he wanted a picture?
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There was a woman in my neighborhood who did weird stuff like this and it turned out she had dementia.
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Testing the funny noise that happens when braking or reversing. Didn't get exactly equally between the lines. Some parking spots have better views of the exhibitionist neighbor's window and wanted to get a better view. AM radio signal slightly better when in that spot than in other spot. Has OCD. Realized that spot he pulled into is the one that has the puddle outside of the door and it might rain soon. Or there is an icy patch. Likes to have the song or NPR story end when pulling into a space and turning off the engine/radio. Odometer just about to turn over. Is under the influence of some substance. Is afraid of your dog.
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Preparing for some kind of parking test?
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Repositioning car to sit in the shade between fares?
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I instantly thought OCD.
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Playing pokemon go and trying to find a "nearby" pokemon?
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