Business Card Scanner Recommendations
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Need a physical business card scanner and an app, any you love?

A guy at work has over 2000 business cards he needs me to extract information from. What business card scanner do you recommend for this type of job? The info will need to go into Outlook and Salesforce, but ideally first into an Excel spreadsheet so he can make edits/add notes.

Also is there an app I can recommend to him so we don't run across this massive pile again?

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Here's a list of 5 different apps, with reviews.

Not sure what your role is at your company, but this is the kind of thing I'd farm out to a data entry person for $15 an hour here in SF (I do freelance consulting tho, so YMMV), and they could probably do this job in 2-3 hours, even without a scanning app. Someone has to check everything over manually anyway.

In the future, just use one of these apps and scan cards as he gets them so it doesn't build up into a mountain again.
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