Mitsuko Uchida performance in Lisbon
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We're going to be in Lisbon this weekend and my partner would love to see Mitsuko Uchida perform. The problem: The performance appears to be sold out. Any way to get a single ticket?

We plan on stopping by the venue to see about any late-released tickets.

I will talk to my credit card's concierge service. (Never used it before, but what could it hurt?) Our hotel is a small, independent place so I don't think they're going to have any connections, though we can of course ask.

Our Portuguese is passable so it's not so much a language barrier — more of a situational barrier. While we've been to Lisbon before, we don't live there. So if there's a website with a massive secondary market for piano performance tickets (unlikely, I know) we wouldn't know about it.
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Best answer: Ticket reselling for shows is (more or less) strictly regulated by the police here, so there's not much of a room for secondary market, and even facebook groups either disappeared or went invite only because of a few stings.

I'd try calling Gulbenkian a couple of times and then hit the box office some hours before the event, and stick around until the doors close.
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Response by poster: Success! We arrived a couple of hours before the performance. It was completely sold out, but it only took twenty minutes or so for a seat to open up. He really loved the concert. It all worked out well.
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