Please hope me find my Women's March et al slogan tees
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I very much need to wear shirts that say things along the lines of RESIST and FEMINIST and FREEDOM OF THE PRESS, etc. I hope to get one or more before I go a'marching next weekend, and would like the money to go into good hands.

Can you share with me links where I might purchase some or any of these garments? Where do you (virtually) go to buy political tee-shirts that is not necessarily from a major retailer? I'm hoping for women's style more than unisex, but I'll look at either. Shirts preferred over hoodies, and long-sleeve is ok, too. Thanks!
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Check out The Outrage.
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Raygun is an Iowa institution, and they've got a bunch of politically themed women's t-shirts. They've also got a lot of other shirts that are not going to be funny unless you're from the Midwest (and frankly, a lot of t-shirts that I don't think are funny even if you are), but they've been having fun with the political t-shirts recently. I'm seeing Mt. Nasty and America Needs Nasty Women shirts a lot, or you could go with The GOP: Creating Government Small Enough to Fit Inside Your Vagina.
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Make your own?
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Maybe some at Print Liberation you might like?
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You can do a search for "not up for grabs" and you will find some really good stuff.
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You'll likely be supporting a small business or one person. Check their shipping/processing time for any event to make sure you get it in time.

You can also do something like UberPrints to do your own. (I had a good experience with them.)
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So... slightly off-topic, but if you're planning to model your new t-shirt in DC, please join us.
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I got a RESIST shirt from Look Human. They have a bunch of feminism ones too.
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There are some places listed in my similar Ask from November. This shop on teespring has some as well (the shop is run?/promoted by Jamilah Lemieux).

Note that some of the linked shops might take a while to ship, so verify that you can get the garment in time for the march. If not, buy a cheap one on Amazon and donate the difference in cost to a progressive org.
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I looooove my feminist shirt from eythink, and the description states that "a portion of the designer's proceeds will be donated to CAIR," the Council on American-Islamic Relations. The designer, Lindsay Eyth, also has an Etsy shop with related products.
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