Is there a way to turn my Apple Magic Mouse into a touch pad?
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I'd like to control the cursor by moving my finger on the surface of my Magic Mouse, rather than scrolling the screen. Insert long story about shoulder injury. Is this possible?
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No, it does not seem the hardware or software supports the level of sensitivity/input granularity that would be required to make that work. Your best bet is to get an actual trackpad.
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No, you'll have better luck and less shoulder strain with a Magic Trackpad IME.
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I haven't actually dug into the Magic Mouse drivers, but I strongly suspect it's not possible to extract anything but gesture data from it. So, it may actually be possible to write a new driver that treats the touch surface as a trackball, but I suspect using it as a trackpad is completely out of the question. And the trackball driver is completely theoretical, and I think you'd encounter significant problems getting it to work.

I'll second the Magic Trackpad suggestion, if you can afford one. But they're pretty pricey. I hate how almost every other trackpad I've ever used feels, so if you can't do the Magic Trackpad, I would actually suggest a trackball mouse as more affordable alternative.
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So after some Googling and following some blog comments from 2010, I downloaded BetterTouchTool, turned on trackpad mode and it seems to be working fine.

A real trackpad won't do it for me. I just need to be able to hold the mouse in my lap with one hand and move my finger across the top.
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Glad BTT is working for you! I actually did just come across that trackpad mode myself, but I couldn't find if it was still a supported feature in the current versions.
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Woo! Awesome! Glad you were able to find that resource!
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