Moving pictures off an Ipad to PC.
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I'm having trouble pulling files off an Ipad into my PC (Win7 HomePremium.)

I've read the directions, here and other places, it seems simple. Plug Apple cable into Ipad and PC, tell the Ipad to trust computer, Ipad should show up in Windows explorer.

Of course, this didn't work for me.

I got the USB "bloob" sound when I plugged in the cable, got the message to "trust" on the Ipad.

But no drive icon in Explorer.

It seems so simple I can't screw it up, but apparently I have powers...
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How up to date is your iPad's system software? I had an iPhone that would only show up in Windows 7 about 10% of the time when I'd plug it in. Updating iOS completely fixed the problem.
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I would definitely upgrade the software. Also, I've found with my iPhone 6 that I have to plug it in, hit "trust," wait about 3 seconds, then unplug and replug it back in, and then I can see it. Dunno why.
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The Ipad may show up as a Camera/Scanner instead of a drive in Explorer. But either way a wizard ought to show up to grab all the photos. Try disconnecting and reconnecting the iPad and restarting the computer.

If you can't find a solution a workaround could be to have the iPad sync the pictures into some cloud service and then pull it from the cloud in the computer.
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Do your photos upload to iCloud?

You could log into the web page and download the photos from there. IIRC it will even zip up multiple photos into one .zip archive if there are too many selected.
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I JUST had this issue last night, though my solution may not work since I'm in Windows 10. I found my phone in the printers and devices section and it was under "unspecified". I was able to right click and select "troubleshoot". After that the computer was able to recognize it as a drive and I could copy the photos off.
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Do you have any kind of photo management software on your PC? Picasa, Kodak, Windows Live Photo Gallery, anything? Open it up and find the Import option. Often it will find an iPad or iPhone even if it doesn't show up in explorer.
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Thanks everyone.

1) Software is all up to date. Also, rebooted both iPad and PC.

2) Surprise! I do get an unspecified "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver" under Devices and Printers. I tried Troubleshooting, it said nothing was wrong.

3) Opened Windows Live Photo Gallery (didn't even know I had this,) Import didn't find anything.

I guess I'll try iCloud.

Thanks again!
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Deleting the Apple USB driver and letting it auto-reinstall when you plug the device back in might help.
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Thank you, killing the driver and plugging in the iPad worked!
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