Help me find this book about interdimensional conflict at a sci-fi con
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I think the novel was published within the past three years or so and written by a female author, maybe with a first name starting with D? I'm sure it focuses on a science fiction convention and beings from other dimensions coming into the hotel and various intrigues. Ring any bells?
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Diana Wynne Jones, Deep Secret
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Yes, Deep Secret fits your criteria, except it was published in 1997.
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I came here to say the same thing. Third time's the charm.
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The Kindle reprint edition of Deep Secret was (re)published in 2013, which could make it seem like a new book.

Also, this paperback edition had without question the best cover art just for the various crowd reactions to the sudden aerial view of centaur junk.
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You have your answer, but oddly enough, Shatnerquake also matches these criteria.
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