Looking for an 80's cartoon with a robot saying "Joan"
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Ok, this one has had me searching for years, and no one knows it. A robot going, "joan... joan..."

It's a cartoon I watched in the 80's, i think i had it on videotape. It was something like Johnny Quest, in that it was a group of adventurers, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't actually JQ.

The only part i remember is the last part of the tape, and I always wanted to finish the story. The team is in some underwater lab of some kind, and there's a breach - the lab starts flooding. They're all trying to escape, it's terrible. Then, the humanoid robot who i think was part of the group, washes up alone on shore and starts calling out for one of the other members - he's going, "joan.... joan... j-oan.... j-oan..."

That's all I got. I'll try to add a sound bite of me doing the "joan" part.

Anyone remember what this show was, and if it's available online?

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There was an underwater adventure cartoon in the 70s called Sealab. I don't specifically recall the incident you describe, but the setting sounds like it might be a match.

Adult Swim (I think) aired a parody of it called Sealab 2020 (I think) which might make it harder to track down using search.
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Sealab 2020 was the 70's original, Sealab 2021 was the Adult Swim parody.
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Sealab 2020 is the original, but it doesn't have any main cast named Joan. The episode list is pretty short, though, so you can see if anything strikes a chord.

The parody was Sealab 2021.
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A complete list of obscure 80's cartoons. - maybe one triggers a memory?
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Doing a little research, I found a British series called "UFO" from 1970 that has a character named Joan, and the reason I think it's a possibility is that it's by Gerry Anderson of Thunderbirds fame, so a humanoid robot is not beyond the realm. There were also aliens, which could possibly be replaced with a robot in your dusty memory.
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