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Where should I try to get (indie-pop) bookings in London?

I'm a student who's just arrived in London from Pittsburgh. I'll be here for the next 6 months. In Pittsburgh I was used to playing a couple of shows every month, and I'd like to do the same here, if not more. I play indie-pop, i.e. Belle and Sebastian, Mag Fields, etc. Where should I start? I'm in New Cross and only have access to public transport. Names and addresses of clubs are good, specific people to ask for would be better.
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Best answer: If you're here as a student, one of the best things you could do is to contact your student union, I know our BandSoc put on a gig once a week. And while they're not especially prestigious, it's a good way of getting a fanbase together.

You could also send a copy of your demo to Bush Hall Buzz Nights with a covering letter (address on the linked page). If you're acoustic-y, I would suggest you say you'd like to play a Buzz from Above night. The Buzz Nights/Buzz from Above run once a month, and are fairly well attended (Bush Hall is a good venue for seeing music in as well, if you're into indiepop/twee etc, i am biased though).

Also, get in touch with Fortuna Pop - it's an indie label, but they also put on some great gigs (addresses on the linked page).

And Plum Music, who run a couple of nice music venues/pubs, are also worth sending something to (information is under "getting a gig" on the right hand sidebar).
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Response by poster: Nice first post, featherboa ;)
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Response by poster: First comment, I mean. I haven't commented or posted in some time.
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Cargo off of Old Street as well.
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The Walrus Social (2 min walk from Waterloo) has an acoustic night once a month. I think it's just turn-up-and-play but I'd call to check first.
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Also, let us know when you get a gig - we should try and arrange a meetup.
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Response by poster: Thanks blag. I should've mentioned that open mics are ok, too, if you can vouch for their non-suckiness.
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Totally the Rhythm Factory. Nice place, a mate of mine does something that sounds very similar to you there quite regularly.

There's plenty of other places that are nice and not too trendytrendy (The Spitz, Ginglik, lots of others I can't think of off the top of my head).

Drop me an email, if you like - my friends will know vastly more about this than I do, I'll tap them up for advice. Also, I second the meetinguping suggestion.
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Also, just start playing spontaneously anywhere at all in New Cross. The less it resembles a proper venue, the better. You'll be on the cover of NME within two weeks.
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nice King of Carrot Flowers cover, ludwig!
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I can't help on suggestions, I'm afraid, but I third the meetup suggestion. Welcome to London, ludgwig_van.
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Best answer: Ludwig - I'm in Brockley, about five seconds around the corner from you. My band (and acoustic duo) are gigging in an Irish bar in Chiswick on February the 18th - if you want, you're welcome to do a half time spot; might lead onto some gigs there yourself, ...if you're any good. We won't be able to give you a cut (the other half of the duo has to travel down from Leeds), but I'll get you a couple o' drinks, and we should be able to give you a lift there and back.

Email's in my profile, if you fancy it.
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*(an acoustic duo)
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Response by poster: Thanks, shoepal. And armoured-ant, that's about as good an answer as I could've hoped for. E-mail's on the way.
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Let's do it, let's fall in pub... see also here.
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