Wordpress plugin for building an event?
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We're a medium-sized restaurant in a small town with a large banquet room and other spaces and options available for event bookings. We need a plugin that allows users to build a custom event and tally a quote.

So, users interested in throwing a quinceaƱera, wedding reception, retirement party, etc., can go to our site and select from various options to build and book their event. I've scoured the WP plugin sites and haven't found anything that fits this bill, but I figured perhaps another type of plugin is out there that can be tweaked to work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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You may be able to do some of this with Formidable, especially the Pro option, but it also might require some custom development and coding. I'm eager to see if there are any other options.
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You can do this with Caldera Forms.
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You can also definitely do something like this with Gravity Forms (it's kind of pricey as far as WP plugins go, but has a lot of really nice features and add-ons).
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Thanks for these great suggestions. Like I thought, I was searching for the wrong type of plugins. I'll look at each of these and see what fits best.
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You can definitely do this with Pirates forms, Ninja Forms, and Gravity Forms. It allows you to quickly build a custom event.
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