Fun, educational summer workshops: Europe.
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I'm looking for 5-10 day workshops that do not require prior knowledge of a subject to attend. These could be artistic workshops (preferably not painting), literary retreats, cooking classes, etc. My budget is a maximum of $1000.

I'm currently planning to travel to Europe in July (travel dates are somewhat flexible) and would like to participate in an artistic workshop of some kind. Having traveled extensively there already, I'd like to do less sightseeing and more experiencing something local. Anywhere in Europe is fine, although I am partial to Scandinavia.

Recently, I found a dream come true in Tortus-Copenhagen, but my ideal travel dates are sold out. What other similar experiences do you know of in Europe? Most importantly, attendance should not require prior expertise in a particular subject.

Thank you kindly!
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Best answer: A friend of mine taught a wood engraving course here last year. There are other courses. It is in the Bavarian forest.
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Here are some courses in Sligo, Ireland on building your own house out of natural materials (cob and wood). There are two consecutive five-day workshops in July, or you can attend both for a reduced price. (You don't say if your budget is inclusive of travel).

There are testimonials from international participants on the course page. Haven't done it myself, but I've been tempted by the smaller workshops -- looks like a lot of fun (weather permitting!). The local area is great if you're into camping or hiking.
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Best answer: West Dean art, craft, conservation courses. It's in West Sussex in the south of the UK.
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Best answer: You might be interested in exploring what Danish folk high schools have to offer. Don't be fooled by the name - folk high schools are creative courses for adults and you can choose between 70+ different schools. You usually stay on site.

Skals is renowned for its design & craft - I'd email them to enquire about English-language courses (bound to be plenty!). Krabbesholm is art/design/architeture-orientated. Kunsthojskolen in Holbaek is art/ceramics focused - Holbaek is my old 'hood and you'd get to stay at the end of a beautiful fjord.

So, plenty of options.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for these great responses!

I'd like to add that I have seen some art experience type thing as part of tours. These seem very commercial, and I'd prefer to have a more organic experience going through an artist or school.
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Best answer: Two things come to mind:

-Sätergläntan - Swedish craft school which looks wonderful. They have multi-year courses, but I believe they also have short courses during the summertime. Website isn't terribly up-to-date, and you might need to know some Swedish to enroll in the workshops, but I've had success in writing to them in the past

-Boisbuchet - Design/craft workshops with somewhat famous designers in rural France. It may be a little while before they post their upcoming summer schedule, and workshops can be a bit pricey (probably not much more than your budget though). I've been wanting to do a workshop here for ages but haven't had the opportunity.
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Best answer: Arvon or Moniack Mhor for writing workshops at beautiful locations in the UK. Moniack used to be a part of Arvon but went independent a year or two ago - their courses follow similar formats. Most of them say the content is suitable for people from beginners up, I think.
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The International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg, Austria offers classes beyond painting, including poetry and writing.
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Response by poster: I'm marking best answer on those suggestions that most meet my criteria and pique my interest right now. However, all these responses are pretty damn cool and possibilities for future trips!

Kariebookish - Kunsthojskolen is a definite possibility! Great suggestion.

Taltalim - Boisbuchet looks fantastic! I signed up for their newsletter and can't wait to see what the 2017 offerings are.
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