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I have been listening to an album of Bach Preludes / Fugues, performed on a organ (here). I like the classical music meanderings, the droning consistency, and especially the organ sound. Could you help me find more like these?

I haven't had a lot of luck finding similar organ music -- often the volume will drop down for a lengthy period, disrupting the constant flow. I am ok with out-of-tune real organs, that adds to the charm.

Could you recommend similar full albums / playlists of songs like these?
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Look into E. Power Biggs
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Cameron Carpenter is amazing.

He made a great album of all Bach last year (All you Need is Bach), and a more assorted record in 2014 that's amazing (If You Could Read My Mind).
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Give a listen to some Buxtehude. Bach's organ works were heavily influenced by this slightly earlier German baroque composer.
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If you're not already a listener, Pipe Dreams streams their episodes online and has a lot of content online.
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You'll probably like the organ music of Max Reger. He was a late romantic composer much influenced by Bach. He wrote oodles for the instrument; an example at random.

Another composer to listen to is Olivier Messiaen, although you'll have to cherry pick, since much of his music is more timeless and contemplative than constant all-stops-out droning. I movement of his I like is Joie et Clarté des Corps Glorieux.
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Also, the Organ Sonatas of Paul Hindemith might work for you, though there are some quiet spots. Sonata #1.
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Seconding Buxtehude, and adding Sweelinck to your list!
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My favorite is, and always will be, Saint-Saens' Symphony No. 3 ("The Organ Symphony."
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