Turns our hearts to 'Mush!'
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Help us name this little guy!

As soon as he is old enough this little guy is going to be ours. He is a Siberian Husky and we are leaning towards a Russian name. We are looking for ideas, votes towards our existing ideas, and input from Russian speakers verifying these mean what we think it means. Who knew it could be so hard to pick a name?

Zver ('beast')
Sanki ('sled')
Mishka ('bear')
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Taiga Stomperson
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Mishka seems to fit - maybe Mishka Kosolapy if he needs a longer name!
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I thought "Ivan" even before I read the More Inside.
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I have a lovely Russian friend called Maxim, which means "the greatest" - he gets Max as a nickname - and I'm sure he'd be happy to let you have it. Also OMG HOW CUTE??
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Zabivaka the wolf - Russia's official mascot for the 2018 world cup. Works if you are soccer fans.

(He is so much cuter than the mascot!)
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Flame (fur pattern on face)
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The Alaska Native Languge Center at UAF gets asked often to suggest Native names for dogs. The Yup'ik language is spoken in both Alaska and (in a different dialect) Russia. Yup'ik folks would have used these dogs (still do in russia) much more than Russian-speaking folks. So in that spirit here is the ANLC's suggested list of Yup'ik dog names:

Central Yup'ik

Central Yup'ik is the Alaska language spoken by the greatest number of people--about 15,000. The Central Yup'ik people live on the western central coast of Alaska around Norton Sound and Bristol Bay, and inland some distance along the rivers of the area.

arrluk 'killer whale'
cikuq 'ice'
cupun 'coal'
ataneq 'king'
kuk'uq 'animal (child's word)'
mequssuk 'shaggy dog'
negiliq 'parka ruff'
panik 'daughter'
pukulria 'bone chewer'
qimugkauyar 'puppy'
qimugta 'dog' (literally 'puller')
taqukaq 'grizzly bear'
tulukaruk 'crow'
tungulria 'black one'
yuralria 'dancing one'

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Smirnoff ;)
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Also I will suggest the Iñupiaq word for "beloved" or "dear one," which is related to the Yup'ik word for daughter above, "Paniq." It's pronounced very close to English "bunny" (except with a slight glottal stop at the end, and the initial consonant is halfway between English voiceless /p/ and voiced /b/) and it happens to be my nickname for my cat.
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Because just to be clear these dogs were bred for sled pulling by Indigenous people, of whom the Russians were brutal colonizers, and remain contemporary oppressors, so when I see a Husky or a Malamute or a Samoyed (I grew up with one of those) I think "Native," not "Russian." There's nothing "Russian" about them.
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Messala. Ben Hur's childhood pal.
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Strelka or Belka, which were some space dogs
Volchok - little wolf
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In the Russian version of the Jungle Book the Akela character looks a lot like your dog. I Googled Akela and it is apparently Hindi for alone but Russian speakers would identify it as related to that film.
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Mush is actually a pretty cute name for a dog.
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2nd vote for Mush.
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