Metric liquid measuring cups in NY
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Is there anywhere in New York City I can find a liquid measuring cup which will show me metric measurements on the "front," assuming I am right handed?

I know standard US Pyrex measuring cups have both metric and US measurements, but I'm getting tired of holding them left-handed (as I am a right-handed person) so I can use the metric side.

There's options online but they all seem to be shipped/resold from the UK, so I'm wondering if this is something I could find at a brick and mortar store.
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My Pampered Chef liquid measuring cups have the measurements printed on the inside across from the handle, including metric. I set the cup on the counter, fill to desired measurement, and go. I linked directly to their website, but I also got a result on Amazon if you are interested in purchasing and it gives you grief about needing a hostess.
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I have a plastic beaker made by Trudeau that has scales for flour, sugar (in grams and ounces!) and liquid measure. Milliliters are visible if you hold with your left and pour/scoop with your right--which is what I do as a right-handed person, at least for something without a handle. (But my Pyrex jug is oriented the same way--hold with your left for milliliters--so that may not work for you. I think I set the jug on the counter because it's heavy enough to be annoying to hold level for measuring and heavy enough to be hard to knock over.)

Anyway, I'm either doing that AskMe thing of telling you exactly what you said you didn't want or you should go to Bed, Bath and Beyond and see if they still sell the thing. (I think that's where it came from originally--my ex found it for me when I didn't have a kitchen scale and was terribly envious of a similar thing he had from France. I don't know how to google for it and it's not on Trudeau's website any longer.)
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I know this isn't usually the place to question the premise of a question....but are you reading the measure while you're holding the cup by the handle?

I ask because my home-ec teacher really drilled it into us that we were always Always supposed to have the cup on a level surface to pour into, letting it settle, and reading the meniscus at eye level (so not from above, looking down at the line), but looking straight at the line.

If you will (continue to) read the cup with it held aloft, my next question is, are you a right handed person that finds it easier to steady a cup with your right hand while pouring with your left, or hold in your left hand and pour with the right? I've seen some inconsistency among the righties I know(and for the record, pouring into a cup in the table may reduce risk of spilling, or at least let the spill limit to the table rather than splashing the whole floor. Not that I ever break the rules and pour a gallon of milk into a two cup glass measure and then watch the whole thing slip from my hand and crash to the floor in slow motion. Nope. Never happens to me.)
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Oh. As for where. Bed bath and beyond. They'll have an array of glass measuring cups that will make your knees weak.
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How about this one, available in Bed Bath & Beyond.
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FWIW, it looks like Anchor Hocking's competitor to Pyrex is called Fire King and has both kinds of measurements on both sides. Not hard to find on line; the pic is from Amazon. Quite possibly at BB&B.

I got a chuckle out of this entry, also by AH, which solves your problem by eliminating the handle. Interesting that it has measurements in 3 "denominations" by doesn't say what they are. Clearly cups & metric, but I can't determine the third.
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Look for the Oxo adjustable measuring cup. Should be available at ordinary places like BB&B, Target, Kmart, Sur la Table. It has no handle so there’s no “right” side or “wrong” side, and it includes measurements in ounces and milliliters. And because the bottom adjusts you can push goopy ingredients like honey right up and out without leaving any behind.
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I'm wary of measuring cups with no handle because every now and then, you measure something that's boiling hot. The OXO looks pretty clever though, and you can work it so that only the top gets hot. The measurement marks look sharp, too. The Fire King markings look less precise.
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SemiSalt: "Interesting that it has measurements in 3 "denominations" by doesn't say what they are. "

Cups, ounces and millilitres.
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Ugh. Facebook just served me up an ad for a FireKing "baked" measuring cup with different and unsuitable marking, Buyer beware.
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I love love LOVE these Flex-It silicone measuring cups from Williams-Sonoma. There's no handle, so it doesn't matter which side you hold them from.
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