Oh Lord, help us sell these Mercedes Benz....
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Hw do we proceed with the sale of 50+ classic Mercedes' bodies and parts?? My husband and son bought classic Mercedes of various ages and models from a parts company that was going out of business. My husband received a title for each vehicle. The plan was to start an online business to sell the parts. My son harvested, organized and stored the parts in two 50 foot semi-trucks and the bodies are stored on some land we own. So far so good but then things changed significantly in our lives.

My husband passed away from Agent Orange complications and cancer. My son and I have other jobs and we do not have time, energy or desire to run the parts business. We also have NO clue how to liquidate the inventory. An auction seems a likely solution but these items are not of interest to the general public and probably require a unique process that differs from an estate sale. This feels overwhelming and we really need to get the money out of this investment. Any advice on how to move forward would be received with gratitude.
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Have you looked at other parts dealers who specialize in Mercedes to see if they'd be interested in the lot? You will probably take a loss, but it may be the easiest and quickest way to liquidate them.
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It does sound like you will want to sell the stuff as a single lot. I would try and document what you have and post on various Mercedes forums. There's a list here.
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Look to Southern California and Las Vegas for interested parties! These are places where people drive their vintage Mercedes forever.

Call Bonhams auctions in LA and see if they can hook you up with a buyer, or at least some way to get an appraisal.
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eBay for sure. I would look into finding an eBay seller who specializes in selling old parts and ask them to be your agent. Could you guys handle photographing and mailing if someone else handles the listing for you? If you are located in a major metro area (particularly in the pacific southwest) you can find someone who will do it all for you.

This depends on if you're willing to price things at the "best price" and wait weeks, months or possibly years for individual parts to sell or if you want to sell immediately for whatever you can get out of them. If you have time to do the former, you'll definitely make more out of them.
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You could also ask this same question in a fan-forum for Merc drivers, such as (I'm just googling here) Benzworld or MBWorld. You'll probably get people looking for specific parts, but just make it clear you're looking to unload the lot. You might get an offer from there who will buy the lot, which you can add to your leads, but I wouldn't stop there.
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Ohmygosh, contact the people at Bring a Trailer. They are all classic car enthusiasts and all around good people and I'm sure they can help.
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Seconding posting these on bring a trailer. Their audience is exactly the kind of people you'll want to be reaching.
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Rowboat, I sent you a MeMail.
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There are car parts groups on Facebook. Well worth looking to see if there is a specific classic Mercedes parts group for the US - I'm pretty sure there would be. Contact the administrator (?) and ask how best to present your parts on their page. You may find someone who restores Mercs for a living and wants to buy the lot. Costs nothing to do.
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