Seeking NY sightseeing advice for a Southern California native.
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If we want to visit 9/ll Memorial, Empire State Building, Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty, do I book separately or buy a City Pass? Any other $$ saving advice/suggestions?
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You can definitely do those on a City Pass, but Top of the Rock is much better than the Empire State Building, unless ESB has some sentimental value to you. [One World Trade Center, Observatory is amazing as well, but not on City Pass, I don't think.]

The 9/11 Memorial is not the same thing as the Museum, but both are included in the City Pass.

Are you coming in the winter from Southern California? Bring boots and a heavy coat. It's been a cold winter so far.
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Metro pass, best option combined with a plan to bus to or pop up into the various targets of interest areas. With air temps down using the transit for heat/comfort and seats to rest while you refine the street plan of attack type game works well. Actual walking to locations is always further than you think.
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I found the NY Pass a great value (as a New Yorker doing a staycationy week) and it worked exactly as advertised. The value of skipping lines is high. (I don't know City Pass well enough to say NY Pass is necessarily a better value, but some pass is an excellent idea for you.)
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NYer here. The city pass does offer a savings if you plan to visit most of the attractions on the list. I did the math once, and I think basic entrance to 3 of the items equalled the cost of the pass. Plus you should factor in the convenience of not waiting in line.

A few thoughts:

+ Unless you really really love tall building observation decks, you only need to visit one. (1 WTC, ESB, Top of the Rock.)

+ The 9/11 Memorial is free. However, tours of the memorial and the 9/11 Museum have fees. I hear the museum is great. (I haven't been.)

+ The Circle Line is really interesting.
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