Oh Green, what's this machine?
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Just curious what this machine is that one of the characters in The Night Manager was carrying. My best guess is a portable printer, but I don't see a similar one online and the blocky thing on the back of it doesn't seem like it would be part of a printer.
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I think it's a battery pack.
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moonmilk I think is right, but HP and others did make little battery powered printers for a while.
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It looks similar to a Canon I-90 printer but I'm not sure.
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A search for images of compact printers with battery yielded several possibilities, near matches to the image you posted.
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That amazon photo is misleading, I think the battery pack is just the blocky thing:
LK-62 battery kit

Looks like a canon ip100(discontinued) that has had the cover over the bluetooth adaptor removed:
canon support (scroll down to step 4)
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