Can I generate an audio timecode track in After Effects or Premiere?
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I have a client who has requested delivery of a video with timecode in the audio track. I know there are cameras that record timecode on an audio track, but I haven't found a way to generate such a track in post with Creative Cloud applications. The source video didn't come with an audio track.

My colleagues swear someone on the team did this last year, but he's not with the crew this year. My googling has led to articles about reading audio timecode and camera-generated timecode but nothing about generating an audio timecode track in post.

I have access to all the Adobe CC applications plus Garage Band, QuickTime 7 pro and whatever comes built into OS X El Capitan. I have the Trapcode suite and Sapphire plugins.
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Best answer: Maybe this will work for you: LTC SMPTE Timecode Wav file generator
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Response by poster: Wow, honestly I didn't expect any responses, especially not the perfect answer so quickly and on the first try! Thank you! My boss will think I'm a genius.
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