How would you spread a $100 bet on the Super Bowl?
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I'm an American living in the UK (sports betting is legal here). Let's suppose I had $100 to spread on various bets between now and Super Bowl LI. How would you suggest I spread those sweet Washingtons, using current odds?

Long odds, sure things, doesn't matter. Any combination is interesting. I reiterate that this is hypothetical, and I doubt that linking to specific betting sites is legit here, but Ladbrokes and Paddy Power are the main oddsmakers, for the sake of reference.
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One thing I'd look at is the over/under on the Texans-Raiders wild card game. Both teams' starting quarterbacks are injured, and one site (the Ringer maybe?) called this game the worst QB matchup in playoff history. So as long as the over/under isn't something ridiculous like 10.5, it might be good to get the under. Or hell, be optimistic and bet the over.

Another idea would be to bet on individual guys from your alma mater. For example, I went to Ohio State, so I would bet on Zeke Elliott wining Super Bowl MVP.
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There's some evidence that teams that travel from the east coast to the west coast do worse on average than teams that travel from the west coast to the east coast.

It's about sleep-- players from the west coast on the east coast are playing (for them) earlier in the day, and players from the east coast on the west coast are playing late at night.
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i would split this up into two or maybe three bets. i would reserve one of those until the actual superbowl squads are known then take or give the points as you see fit so that you have a rooting interest no matter who gets in. the second (and possible third) i would put on the odds, not points, on anyone but the patriots (no value) or the cowboys (who are a bit overpriced imho). how about 25 each on the falcons as a dark horse and the other 25 on the lions so you have a longshot, with 50 going to the first bet.

back before i knew better and actually thought i could make money at this, my favorite bet was the over, because once it hits (and reviewed) then you can just relax about it.

good luck!
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Super Bowl's over, and I'm $100 poorer. I put it all on the Falcons. Thanks for your advice everyone.
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