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I have a memory of Homer listening to some villainous/horrendous plan/idea/rant and saying to Marge (who urges him to exit) something like "wait wait, let's see where this is going." What episode is this from?

My best guess is that they're listening to Sideshow Bob explain how he wants to kill Bart -- a quick scan of Cape Feare did not turn up anything -- though I know there were other Sideshow Bob episodes. Thanks!
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Is it this, from the season 12 Paper Moon spoof?

Judge: Carjacker Willie, I sentence you to ten years in prison. [bangs gavel]
Bart: Dad, tell them!
Homer: When the time is right.
Willie: Ten years? But I didna do it!
Wiggum: Sure you didna. Now, lets get you to Attica--
Willie: No! [snatches Wiggum's gun] You'll never send me up the river!
Bart: Dad!
Homer: Let's see where he's going with this.

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Homer again, in Crepes of Wrath, Season 1:

[Principal Skinner offers a solution to Bart’s problems at school.]
Principal Skinner: Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, we have transcended incorrigible. I don't think suspension or expulsion will do the trick. I think it behooves us all to consider deportation.
Marge: Deportation?! You mean kick Bart out of the country?!
Homer: Hear him out, Marge.

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For future reference, you can search for any Simpsons quote here.
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Yes!! I think my memory was probably a jumbled mix of the two, but the courtroom scene with Willie definitely fits the bill. Thanks!
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