Are cassette tape "Norelco" cases with sharp corners still available?
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I'm a musician who's released music on cassette tape before, and I'm going for a "vintage" look. All the present-day duplication services and suppliers I've seen only offer cassette tape cases with rounded corners. Where could I find classic-looking ones for sale in quantities of 50–100 or so?

Here's an example of the "rounded edge" kind.

And here's what I'm looking for. Notice the sharp corners and fluted plastic edges on the bottom. Are these just not being made anymore?
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They seem to be, here on ebay.
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eBay, if nothing else. Used run around $0.50 to $1 per case, used are around $0.30 per case (though it seems the few used auctions are more likely to have the really sharp corners).

Here's another sharp-ish corner looking bulk source (National Audio Company), down to $0.28 per Norelco box when buying 100, $0.24 each in 250 quantity carton.
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Clear Norelco box from National Audio Company.

Clear Norelco Cassette box from

I can't really tell from the pics whether they have the fluted sides/edges, but they look sharp.

I think this is one of those things where an email/phone call to the various possible sellers is probably a good idea, as the pictures on the website may not match the actual product because for this relatively niche product they may not bother.
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I've been buying bulk cases lately, and you really do need to shop around... The black cases from NAC that FLT linked look (almost) exactly like what you want, although I've ordered from 2-3 different sources in the past year and they've all been rounded corner. The fact that NAC specifically calls out the sharper/flat edge would lead me to narrow my focus on them. I doubt we'll ever see the fluted edge style again. :(

Deltamedia and Polyline also carry cassette cases, but they don't always have black in stock.
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Maybe flea markets or garage sales? Then they might actually be vintage...
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If you really want vintage, searching for "lot of cassette tapes" on eBay has plenty of results, often working out to less than $0.50 each, and you could harvest the cases.
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These are absurdly easy to get from almost any tape supply company.
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