I need advice on which gaming monitor to buy
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My son and I recently built a gaming PC from scratch and I'd like to buy him a great monitor to go with it. I need help, however, in choosing the right one.

The PC is loaded with a pretty powerful video card and I'd like for him to get the most out of it. He'd like something in the 24" range and we've budgeted up to $500. Any advice would be welcome!
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TheWirecutter seems to think this Dell UltraSharp U2415 is the best 24" monitor. Definitely within your budget! We bought their 27" suggestion and love it.
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I have the Dell the Wirecutter recommends and can second their recommendation. It's great.
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I have the same video card and just got this 27" Acer recently. It's fantastic. Your video card supports something called FreeSync, which is some new buzzy tech that reduces screen tearing. So even if you go with another monitor, I would definitely suggest looking for ones that support FreeSync.
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I'd say 144Hz is an important feature. Many argue it's more important to them than higher resolution, so they'd take a 144Hz 1080p monitor over a 60Hz 1440p one.
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Lots of options on this thread.
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I got a BenQ GL2460HM a few years back, and I've been extremely satisfied with it. Very nice contrast and good blacks, no ghosting to speak of, all that jazz. But, to get the most out of your video card, you'll probably want a monitor with an even higher refresh rate. So, something like this newer BenQ.

Ideally, you'd have FreeSync as well, but BenQ's FreeSync monitors are definitely outside your $500 budget. In that case, other options like the Acer that gettingpaidforthis suggests might be a better buy.
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TheWirecutter seems to think this Dell UltraSharp U2415 is the best 24" monitor.

I just bought a couple of those Dells. They're really nice monitors.
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Seconding the suggestions mentioning 144 Hz and Freesync. Since your son has a AMD card, it can take advantage of Freesync, which reduces screen tearing by synchronizing your graphics card refresh rate with the monitor refresh rate. 144 Hz itself allows a smoother gameplay experience (immediately noticeable as soon as you try it) because your monitor displays more frames. This will be particularly important if he plans on playing competitive multiplayer FPS games.

This list can be sorted by Freesync and monitor size: http://www.144hzmonitors.com/gaming-monitor-list-120hz-144hz-165hz-200hz-240hz/

For a specific recommendation, a cheaper option could be the AOC G2460PF, which is 144 Hz with Freesync, 24 inch, and $209.99 on Amazon right now. The Acer that gettingpaidforthis recommended is also good, and I believe Acer has a 24 inch version of it too.
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I would recommend against a TN film monitor of any kind. The viewing angles are generally terrible, and they often color shift as you look left and right or up and down. Get an IPS monitor, or possibly an MVA or PVA.
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Most high-refresh-rate monitors are TN, and high refresh rate is best for gaming. If you intend to do some visual creative work using this PC, you might want IPS instead. IPS high-refresh-rate will probably break your budget though.

The Wirecutter recommended monitor above (Dell Ultrasharp U415) is only 60 Hz.

If you go high-refresh-rate, you definitely do want one with FreeSync. The alternative is G-Sync, which is NVidia's incompatible solution. Some monitors have both.
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You can get monitors that are pretty good for gaming ridiculously cheap now, so I think he'll get more mileage out of using that $500 to get (most of) an Oculus Rift or Vive VR heatset.

At the 24" end of the market, the advantages of buying an expensive monitor have become much smaller compared to the big difference it made a few years ago. Gaining VR would be much better bang for the buck IMHO.
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I chose the Nixeus Vue NX-VUE24A. Thanks, again, for all of your help and suggestions. They were most valuable.
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