gluteusmedius tendon operation
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i have a problem with the gluteusmedius tendon. it has had soreness for more than a year due to an impact injury and has been diagnosed as a tear. the surgeon has recommended operating. he said it is a fairly standard operation with about 3 months recovery. my question is, has anyone had this surgery, and if so, can you give me any tips? such as length of recovery, how long off your feet, how successful was the operation.

i had a bad mountain biking accident and impacted my hip heavily. the pain is dull but like a consistent bruise, sometimes goes away temporarily but is quickly back. i want it fixed as it keeps me awake and stops me pushing too hard with exercise etc. i had ultrasound, xray, bone scan and mri.
any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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I have a background in anatomy, and would advise you to see a PT before surgery. I've seen amazing recoveries from people who were advised surgery, deferrred it while they went to physical therapy, and never needed to go back to the referring surgeon. That being said, sometimes surgery is the right option. I have a PT in my family, and she swears by the biofreeze gel for temporary pain management, so that might be helpful in the short term.
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My dance practice partner had this exact issue, and she ended up going for surgery after several months of PT failed to make any progress.

She was surprised by how incapacitated she was immediately after the surgery. While she understood mentally that she wouldn't be able to move, the reality of the situation was a shock at first. She had a family member with her pretty much continuously at first to help her with going to the bathroom or getting a glass of water.

The recovery process took her about 3 months before she was functional. However, it took a while longer for her to have no restrictions on her activity, and even then she found that she got tired very quickly. She dealt with lingering soreness for about six months after the surgery, if I remember correctly.

Overall, she was glad she did it. She had been living with that soreness for over a year and noted a big difference after her recovery was complete. Her case was unusual in that she had a tear in both gluteus medius tendons (which is part of the reason she attempted PT for so long - the doctors didn't think to look for a tear because she had symptoms on both sides and tears are almost always only on one side), and she is planning to do the other side as soon as she accrues enough vacation time.
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thanks for the answers guys, good information. sounds like a tough recovery, hope it's all going ok.
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