Write our signs, please?
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Family BlahLaLa will be attending the big Los Angeles march on 1/21. We all want to carry signs, but we need help coming up with something. It could be unique to us, or we'd be happy to copy great signage seen at other protests. Ideas, please?

We're all angry, but I'd like something that leans toward funny or optimistic, rather than "Fuck Trump" or "Not My President." Help me, pithy phrase writers of AskMe!

If it matters:

We're all white, liberal Californian Democrats.

me: Jewish, female, a mom through and through

Kid BlahLaLa: young teen, male, videogamer, into parkour

Mr. BlahLaLa: union worker, meditation practice, likes football

So what should our signs say?
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I'm very fond of this sign, which sort of comedically highlights that this isn't a fringe movement against Trump.
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First let me say, I'm an Aussie.

Perhaps it would help to work out exactly why you are marching. The American people/system voted Trump into power. He is awful, but in America you are allowed to be awful (without breaking the law, I suppose). So who are you mad at? Why are you angry, besides just 'we don't like Trump'? He is within his rights to run for president and he won. What statement do you have to make about that?

If you work out exactly why you'll be marching, then you can hone in on the exact sentiment for the sign, and as you say, make the final wording positive.

We had a god-awful Prime Minister here too, and now someone who is as ineffectual, but at the end of the day, they got into power by following the rules My personal anger was directed to the people who voted for their discriminatory policies (and perhaps in your case, those who didn't vote?).

What are these protests trying to achieve? Work out your reasons and your end-game, and you'll have your sign.
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I think taking a page out of Bernie's book. Giant Trump tweets. There is SO much to choose from! Pick what most speaks to each person.
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Family bluesky43 is attending the march as well and I'll be following this thread looking for ideas. I liked the Giant Trump tweets but there are so many to chose from....
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I am also attending! (We need to put a little Metafilter sticker in the corner of our signs.) I have SO many issues, it was also hard for me to pick one. But I did finally, mine is women's rights, so I googled some women's rights graphics and boiled my message down to a five-word phrase.

I don't have anything witty to add, just my process.
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How about "Nobody thinks you're qualified!"
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Trump tweets just reinforce his message.

For the previous mass march in LA (we'll also likely be at the 1/21 one), we went with:

¡No Pasarán!
Nazi Trumps Fuck Off! (with lots of pink glitter)
Refuse Resist Organize!
Keep Your Tiny Hands Off My Country
They Will Not Pass!

Others considered:

Immigrants are Welcome Here
We Are The Majority
Trump = Putin's Pinocchio
Trumped Up = Fake
3 Million Vote Loser
Loser, Not President
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On the cardboard sign pile in our house: "ALT-RIGHT? ALL WRONG!"

Personal favorite: "There will be hell, toupee."
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“There is nothing more corrupting, nothing more destructive of the noblest and finest feelings of our nature, than the exercise of unlimited power.” ― William Henry Harrison (1773–1841)
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I think it's worth considering what march you are participating in and if it has a stated purpose. I'm attending the Women's March on Washington so my plan is to carry a sign that specifically addresses women's rights (I'm thinking "Women's Rights are Human Rights" currently). A LOT of people are going to be carrying signs that cover a very broad range of topics or are just anti-Trump. The more people who are on topic, the more united our opposition will look.
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We had a god-awful Prime Minister here too, and now someone who is as ineffectual, but at the end of the day, they got into power by following the rules

Do not believe this for a moment.

To the best of my knowledge there was massive amount of voter intimidation. I had trouble getting people - including my mother - to display pro Hillary messages due to fear of retaliation. I had a friend followed home from a political meeting and threatened. They had to run for it. I had someone gleefully talk about how Trump's insistence that the election was rigged was inspiring him to join a group his friend was forming to kill thousands of "the enemy" if Hillary Clinton won. And it's not like I've been seeking this stuff out: I've been nearly a hermit here working on my PhD.

I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist, but this isn't hacky stuff I've seen online, this is my personal experience. It is terrifying. The only explanation that reconciles my experience with what I've been hearing in the news is that the media is in utter denial. It seems like even "liberal" outlets aren't bothering to correct outright lies by Trump's apologists anymore. Do not let yourself get lulled into a false sense of security. I have little doubt there is going to be a massive propaganda push after January to legitimize this administration in the eyes of the world. Treat it as you would the official party line from your average dictatorship. Please for the love of all that is good, push back against this stuff where you are. If you value freedom and democracy, you and your country are in grave danger from forces set to systematically undermine it.

I wish I knew how to put all that in a pithy sign.
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Go with something positive!

My new year's resolution is to look at how I phrase things and and start using more positive and inclusive phrasing because it might improve my normally cynical outlook. Also, this is the time to put more love and light into the world. I may go with a Henry David Thoreau quote because that's my jam, but you do you ;))

That said, "Keep Your Tiny Hands Off My Country" is really funny. I'm not sure I could resist that despite my resolution!!
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We're also attending this Los Angeles march as a family and are struggling with the same issue. Ideas discussed in our household:

List of Planned Parenthood services (itemized list of Planned Parenthood = exams, treatment, preventative care, etc)
Women's Lives Matter
Women's Health Matters
Women's Rights are Human Rights
Equal Access to Everything for Everyone
Life Matters, or just "Life" -- although that's a bit reductive and could be taken the wrong way potentially because of pro-life blah blah blah
FEMINIST shirts for all

In light of recent tweets from the president-elect, perhaps something along the lines of "WE ARE AMERICANS, NOT THE ENEMY".
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Also, considering for myself to carry: WIFE, MOTHER, FEMINIST
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For your family specifically:

"WIFE, MOTHER, FEMINIST" (maybe with a Star of David?)
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Short presidency
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Other countries are
making fun of us.
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Trump: Putting the CON in CONservative
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THIS pussy bites (with a picture of a snarling cat).
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I've always liked this one, you may be to young for it though. Maybe if you wore a Victorian era outfit.
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CONMANder in Chief.
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One of the best signs I saw at the last rally said "No sex offenders in public housing."

I plan on attending the LA march on the 21st and am considering carrying that one.
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I'm headed to DC and seriously thinking of just sticking with "Stronger Together". That's what I believe, in both the Hillary and Supergirl ways.
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One of my favorite signs from a women's march years ago, which your husband could carry:



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What do we want?
Evidence-based change!
When do we want it?
After peer review!
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Thanks, Obama!
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I'll be there, too! Some of my favorite signs from previous LA marches:

"This IS patriotism"
"Immigrants, we get the job done"
"Hate won't make us great"
"Stronger Together"
"My Mama don't like you, and she likes everyone."

And my favorite:
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And my favorite:

This "No" really resonates with me. Now I'm torn between "No" and "I can't believe I still have to protest this shit" mentioned above. Maybe I'll take two signs to the Minnesota march. Wish I could get to Washington DC, but it sounds as if we'll have a pretty good crowd in St. Paul.
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No with Grumpy Cat (who is a queen cat).
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"You should have known he was a snake when you took him in."
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Thanks for all the really great ideas. In the end we went with short and sweet: "Stay Nasty" and "Fight Like a Girl."

God help us all.
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