Immigration attorney recommendations in Seattle (or elsewhere)
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Any recommendations for an immigration attorney in Seattle, or maybe elsewhere nearby if very good?

We are having a heck of a time finding a good immigration attorney in Seattle. Will happily take recommendations. The case has some slight complications.
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There are a lot of immigration attorneys in and around Seattle. It might be helpful to know what kind of case you mean since attorneys can specialize in various parts of such a large field as "immigration law." For example, do you need someone who:
  • handles coming to the United States for work with the eventual hope of changing to a permanent resident (e.g. H1-B or O visa)?
  • can help a temporary resident convert to permanent residency (e.g. getting a green card)?
  • works on bringing a spouse or intended spouse (K-type visa) or related family members to the United States?
  • can take you through the naturalization process (becoming a U.S. citizen)?
  • deals with problems with immigration like being arrested or charged with a crime?
The complications are less important. If the person who needs the attorney comes from a particular part of the world that's known to have a lot of immigrants to the U.S., he or she might could search for "[nationality] support group" or similar terms and start asking around there.
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A friend in Seattle went through and recommended Vivian Wang, though she is based in CA (I think US immigration for the West Coast is processed in CA?)

For someone closer, I you haven't already checked the American Immigration Lawyers Association, they have a Find an Immigration Lawyer search page which, while it doesn't offer recommendations, allows for some filtering.
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