Advice on attending RSC Anderlecht match?
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I'm going to be in Brussels for a conference next month and I'm interested in checking out an RSC Anderlecht match, specifically the Europa League match against Zenit. However, I'm running into a brick wall trying to find information about tickets, as the club's site links to an online ticketing service that doesn't seem to work. I gather that tickets are available at the stadium before match time, though I did see one thing that suggested tickets weren't available day of match. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Also, I have never been to a match in Europe -- is it cool to just wander in as an outsider and cheer for the locals?
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Go to the stadium early on the day of the match and try and get tickets. The ticket office opens 3 hours before the match starts, I believe. No one is going to care that you're not a local.
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Also a note that in Italy (can't speak for Belgium), you need to provide your identity document (passport, maybe a Drivers Licence will do) both when buying a ticket, and when entering the stadium to check you are the ticket holder. European football matches are a blast ~ have fun and soak up the atmosphere!
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