Lightweight wireless headphones
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I'm looking for a pair of bluetooth headphones that are: lightweight, foldable and made to fit over the head (not to wrap around the back of the head).

My current headphones weigh about 8 ounces and feel really heavy. Are there any decent, lighter wireless headphones for less than $50?
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MEE audio Runaway are awesome. I have two pair. They do sit rather lightly over your head, so if you plan to use them while jogging or such, you might run into problems with them falling off.
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The Wirecutter's reviews of bluetooth over the ear headphones, and although it looks like their favorites don't match your criteria, it might be useful as a reference.
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How about gently drape behind your head? These are unbelievably comfortable, the sound is primo, and they are light as can be. They are worth the price, though it is over your limit.
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I have a pair of logitech h800 headphones that are over the head and on the ear. I'm able use them for hours at a time while on conference calls and find them very light weight and comfortable. they can be used with Bluetooth or the included USB receiver on a computer.
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Seconding tmann99 and Logitech H800. I use mine at work and just asked and received another pair for Christmas for home use.
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