Help me pick a cornet mouthpiece
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Help me pick a cornet mouthpiece that won't tire me out.

I've played trumpet for 40 years. For most of my adult life, I've switched between a Bach 5C or a 2C and I've never had endurance problems.
My mother-in-law bought me an Olds Ambassador which I recently had overhauled and brought up to playing condition. Now that I've spent more time with it, I've found that using the Olds 3 mouthpiece, I have very little endurance, which is frustrating as I like the cornet tone (and yes, I'm not trying to project air through like I do with my Bach Strad). I don't have the same issue with my flugelhorn.
I'm assuming that it's the mouthpiece.
What should I try and why?
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Not a Cornet player personally, but I do have a friend with an Olds Super Cornet and he swears by Mark Curry's Vintage Cornet Series. From what I understand Curry Cornet 8.5VC is the closest to your Bach 5C rim size. They also will build them with a shank that is specific to Olds cornets (as I understand the shank needs to be somewhat oversized). Bear in mind my friend says they are rather expensive as far as mouthpieces go. Hope this helps.
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I don't have any wisdom about cornet mouthpieces; but I play the tenor horn, and a few years back I was having mouthpiece issues with a new horn. I wrote to the Denis Wick company asking for advice and Denis himself responded. I've been happy enough with the mouthpiece he suggested. So you might ask them about a recommendation for your cornet. (They'll probably suggest some Wick mouthpiece or other, but they're good mouthpieces in a variety of models to address different needs and issues.)
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I have two trumpet mouthpieces - both Bach - a 5C and a 1-1/4C

For the cornet I have a 7, which is the one that came with the horn which is a Besson. I also have a Bach 1-1/4C

Would it work to start with the same sizes you have for the trumpet? When I bought mine I had a teacher who helped me find the right size. A music store could have an employee who could give you advice and I'm sure you could try different sizes.
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