Time Capsule stuck in bridge mode
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We have a network with a Time Capsule which used to act as a router but now seems to be stuck in bridge mode, allowing internet access to only one device (out of four).

The cable company has been unhelpful; we should be allowed to have all four devices (two laptops and two phones) online and they're not sure what could have changed to make it stop.

It's obviously not a problem with the modem because I'm online via the Time Capsule right now. The laptop I'm on is not the laptop which originally set it up, nor is it connected to it manually.

The Apple forums have been unhelpful; I've only found posts about putting the Capsule into bridge mode. We want it out of bridge mode.

The settings for taking it out of bridge mode aren't working. Airport utility shows a self assigned IP. Renewing the DHCP lease has no effect.

The Time Capsule retains its name and all its settings even after a hard reset.

Do you know what might have gone wrong here and/or do you have any suggestions how to fix it? Thanks!
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Have you done a Factory default reset?
posted by 1970s Antihero at 2:50 PM on January 4, 2017

We tried several times, and after unplugging the Time Capsule for literally five minutes before all the listed instructions that did solve the problem. Thanks.
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