Apps for communicating with deaf friend?
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I'm looking for apps that will help me communicate with a deaf friend. Are there apps that will add subtitles to real life, so that he can read what's being said during group conversations? Also, is there a way to video chat with captioning, so that he can skype someone in real-time?

I'm looking for apps that will help my deaf friend communicate with the hearing world. Ideally, we're looking for:

1) Apps that are available on Android (for him) and iOS (for me)
2) Apps that use the hardware already part of a phone, and do not ask for extra mics/headphones/etc.
3) Apps that are <$5, or have alot of reviews and wide adoption, so that we're confident they're worth the money

In a super-special-snowflake detail, it would be great if this app worked in Hindi, as well as in English. But I understand that's a huge limitation, so recommendations for English apps would be great too.

(In case it's relevant, my friend does not know ASL.)
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Best answer: If your friend is in the U.S., he can get captioned telephone service from the FCC. It's free.

There are also some interesting apps coming out for captioning in-person conversations, though they might still be in beta. Examples: Ava, Kintrans
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Best answer: You could try Skype Translator for video chat with captions
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Response by poster: Thanks for those recommendations. It seems like the speech-to-text and noise-filtering technology for this exists, but the space is still under development. For future readers, I've also found Live Caption, which seems to work well for 1:1 conversations.
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