Bernd das Brot merchandise in Berlin
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We are in Germany and my husband has developed a fondness for Bernd das Brot. We saw a plush of him on someone's desk - do you know anywhere in Berlin that might sell such a plush (or other related merchandise)?

I know you can buy him online but we're hoping to find something in a store. (I guess now I just use metafilter to find novelty items...)
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I have never seen any merchandise in stores, but the German amazon has a few:
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The plush Bernd das Brot appears to be manufactured by Kösen toys, who have a range of TV characters available. (On the sidebar you can see they have Bernd in sizes large, small, mini, keychain, and finger puppet!) Their website has a list of outlets where you can buy their toys, the first seven of which are in Berlin.
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