I'd like to be whitelisted, but I don't know what block list I'm on
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At some point in the past year, my non-MeFi Twitter account got on several block lists. I’ve no idea how, and only discovered the situation when I couldn’t see some linked tweets from accounts I’d never visited but with whose politics I sympathized. To be clear: I’m all for building collaborative block lists using whatever criteria the maintainer chooses. That said, I'd like to appeal this & hopefully get whitelisted. Can you help me find the right maintainer to contact? Special snowflake details are inside.

  • I’m not on the blockbot block list at any level, and never was.
  • I’m not on the @ggautoblocker block list, and never was.
  • I was on Wil Wheaton’s block list, but he whitelisted me at my request.
  • I’m currently aware of three accounts blocking me. I have no reason to think that they would be blocking me for any other than due to my being on a block list, especially since I was unaware of them until I discovered my block.
Any advice would be appreciated! If you know of popular lists on blocktogether I’d be happy to check my handle against them.
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posted by quaking fajita at 7:57 PM on January 4, 2017

I’m on that one! Hooray! (Sort of…)
posted by Going To Maine at 8:11 PM on January 4, 2017

(Now I need to figure out how to contact him…)
posted by Going To Maine at 8:13 PM on January 4, 2017

Sent you a mefi mail.
posted by quaking fajita at 8:26 PM on January 4, 2017

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