App for notifications about upcoming media?
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I like movies, tv, books and music. Is there an iPhone App that lists upcoming items in these (and/or other) categories, allows me to select favorites and then will send me a notification a week or two before said media becomes available? Yeah, I can go through various websites for movies or tv and then add'em to a watch list, but ideally, I'd like it all in one website or app.

Example: Ideally I'd like to be able to look at list of upcoming media for say the next 3-12 months and select which one's I'm interested in. Then the app/website will send me a notification at user chosen time before said media is made available.

I'm familiar with IMDB's watch lists, but they seem fairly basic. Looking for something with more options and features that covers more media.
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I think that the Skimm app may have some of what you are looking for.
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