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Asking for a friend (really): How to go about setting myself up to be a webcam girl, given my requirements? This is not a should-I-do-it question, it's a how to do it question.

I'm looking to subsidize my income by doing some webcam work, but I'm unsure if a platform exists that suits my needs, so I'm considering setting up my own site. I want to control the hours I put in because I don’t have a ton of free time, and it seems that most existing webcam platforms require a 'shift' of a certain amount of hours on set days, etc.

I own a small business and have a child and don’t want to show my face for fear of being recognized, but I thought a fun creative way of presenting myself would be to offer a viewer to see any part of my body (except my face) for five seconds or other set time for either a set tier of prices or a name-your-price kind of setup. I realize this would net me less money than other more exposed competitors, but I'm okay with that even if it's just a few bucks here or there on a night when I'm bored. In an ideal world, I would set up my own site somehow and take money via an anonymous venmo account (or something similar). How can I best go about setting this up?

I'm not asking for whether or not I SHOULD do this, just how I can best do this to suit my requirements, while keeping everything above board and simple. I should mention here that I use to be a stripper for many years and I’m not trying to pull something off that I don’t have the experience or confidence for. I understand the risks of sex-based work (stalkers, etc), but I also miss the rush/attention, so there is a bit more to this than a little extra income. Please steer clear of advice like 'don't mention your real name or location', because, again, I'm fully aware of the privacy issues, I just want to get a better grasp on setting things up to get this started.

My questions are: How do I do this lawfully, especially with regards to age-verification? What other practical things should I consider? Is there an existing service already out there that I'm unaware of where I could do this?

Thanks for your help!
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Niteflirt lets you set your own hours; I've actually never heard of any camming site requiring you to work a certain shift.
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It's not precisely what you're describing, but have you looked at Sexsells? It's primary focused on people that sell used undergarments and the like but some of the people there might have a model that you'd want to emulate. Many of them offer private shows via Kik/Snapchat/etc., which might be the solution you're looking for rather than trying to run a full site.
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The AmberCutie Forums might be a better place for this question than Ask (though I hope you get useful answers here).
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Not a direct answer, but I've heard of cam girls supplementing their income by using snapchat + patreon for customers who want more content.
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How about wearing some kind of mask? Could be a niche interest too
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I see a lot of casual porn-cammers using Chaturbate these days, I don't think it has any kind of "shift' system.

Seconding a mask to hide your identity. I've been toying with the idea of doing this sort of thing and have been doing that for the occasional set of naked shots on my Sex Twitter. One of these days I'll get the old tablet set up to do everything through Tor and start going further. Maybe.
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MyFreeCams seems pretty legit and according to that link they don't have minimum hours, shifts, or rules about what you can do in your chat room. They use a "tip" based system where users in your room can tip you using their own token currency which is converted to/from actual $$. It would not be hard to just set the room rules to something like, "Reveal a body part for five seconds: knee - 1 token, foot - 2 tokens, breasts - 25 tokens, etc."
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Regarding payment, if you strike out on your own: I'm told that many camgirls avoid PayPal because it's too easy for the sender to get their money back, and PayPal will almost always side with the sender so the girls get burned. Apparently many people accept Amazon gift cards instead for this reason.

(This is based on payments from the U.K., though, so practices might be different in the U.S.)
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Oh, yeah, don't use Paypal, they WILL freeze your account and steal your money - sex work is against their TOS. People use Squarecash, Giftrocket, and Amazon giftcards a lot to get around this.
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