Frame with door to display a small book
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I have a small book (about 12cm x 6cm) that I want to display - what kind of frame am I looking for?

What I am picturing is a frame with glass door on the front. When it's closed the glass will be flush against the book, which will sit in a recess of the correct size. Interested parties can then open the door and take out the book to flick through it. The book is very thin, almost just a pamphlet. My search-foo is failing me on combinations of 'frame' and 'door' - what am I looking for?
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Try searching for cases and shadow boxes instead of frames. Very quick google gives a bunch of results that open up from the front.
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I posted a picture of a framed book here, in the metatalk thread on art. I had it done at a custom framing place. I am very happy with it and guests always comment positively. A frame store would surely be able to design exactly what you want to exactly the size of the book.
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