Looking for digital audio of "Radio Free Dixie"
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Radio Free Dixie was a musical/political program that was broadcast out of Cuba in the early 1960s (Wikipedia). You can find a few snippets on Youtube, and a few other places online but in general, it seems that archives of the show are either not digitized or very hard to find. Perhaps someone else has better Google-Fu than me and can help find some more!

Just to avoid duplication, I have found a few other snippets of audio online, but these are either dead links or small excerpts of audio. Ideally there is a trove of unedited primary-source audio out there!
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According to that PBS article, a few US stations were apparently rebroadcasting the show back in the day. This isn't much, but: There were bootlegs floating around as well but so far I'm not turning anything up.
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Oh and obligatory Archive.org searches (no hits I don't think but probably worth digging into):
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You might try contacting historian Timothy Tyson, author of Radio Free Dixie: Robert F. Williams and the Roots of Black Power, University of North Carolina Press (1994). If anyone would know about an audio archive, it'd probably be him.
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Alright, the hunt continues then. Thanks folks!
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