Who plays the mobster at the beginning of this Prince video?
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The guy disparaging Minnesota at the start of "Cream" looks so familiar, was he on Star Trek: The Next Generation?
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He looks a lot like Marlon Brando.

(Didn't see the "disparaging Minnesota" part, assume you mean the guy with the tall blonde at the beginning.)
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I think the OP is referring to asking if Minneapolis is a Greek restaurant as "disparaging". He looks like Mr. Belvedere to me, a little.
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It's worth noting that the start of the video was originally part of the interstitials between the songs on the Diamonds and Pearls VHS release.
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It kind of looks like a young Michael Rooker (who wasn't on ST: TNG but was once on Stargate SG-1)?
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If this were a SAG actor I would think that they would have been credited on the video, but there's only Robia LaMorte, Lori Werner and Prince himself. This suggests to me it was someone unaffiliated with the industry and unlikely to be recognized from other media.
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For whatever it's worth, the director of that music video was Rebecca Blake. Here's a short interview with her that includes some anecdotes about shooting that and other videos for Prince. If all else fails, maybe you could find a way to contact her?

Meanwhile, I think the Godfather-esque music that plays whenever that guy is onscreen might be an indication that his character was meant to evoke Marlon Brando's Don Corleone (as suggested above) but I'm pretty sure it's not him.
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To me he looks, sounds, and carries himself like Robert Beltran (from Voyager).
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It looks like Tom Berenger to me, but I couldn't confirm that with a cursory internet search.
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Does he remind you of John De Lancie who was Q on Next Generation? The guy kind of reminded me of Q for a second. My memories of Star Trek are pretty hazy though.
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