How do I research assisted living for a disabled adult on Medicaid?
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Where do I start in finding a dog-friendly facility that takes Medicaid, for a non-senior disabled adult who needs to move to an assisted living facility? My sister is in her mid-40s, physically disabled, and now mostly bedridden. An important caveat for this search is that she is ADAMANT that her medium-sized dog must come with her.

In talking with a health professional, I've been told it might be time for my sister to move into assisted living (currently, she lives with an overtaxed family member). I'd like to help my family find the right place.

She is possibly willing to relocate to another state (from Tennessee). Being near family in the Southeast is best for many reasons.

Are there online resources for finding and researching assisted living facilities for adults on Medicaid?

A national resource would be ideal. Are there state resources?
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Call or visit Not just for moms! They will take your criteria and deliver a list of facilities that meet them (facilities pay them, probably by lead.) Those facilities will also get your information, and will probably contact you, but it won't be too big of a deal. I found them super helpful, because they can also provide benefits information and help think through stuff.
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You might want to start with the Tennessee Commission on Aging and the Tennessee Department of Disability Services. The actual departments of disability and adult services are more local, but this can help you find the one nearest you.
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The independent living centers are a network of nonprofits which help people with disabilities live as independently as possible. I think all of the CILs offer help with housing referrals This page has links to ILC by state.
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Maybe also check Wesley woods - I know there are multiple ones in GA, we have found them to be reasonable regarding my Grandma, and people with dogs live in her building.
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Here is a link, to make that easier. Looks like they are just in Georgia.

Actually, upon further research, it says 62 and up for most of their locations. Maybe an option for later. Sorry!
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I can tell you in IL Medicaid assisted living facilities are adamant against pets unless a service animal, and then the resident still needs to be able to do all required tasks of caring for a dog.
Someone bedridden cannot do that.
Reasons include health issues of other patients, ensuring roommates, bathroom mates are non allergic and so forth. Also facility clean up costs if the dog damages anything and liability of injury.
And be warned most indivuals get a very small portion of their check (90 dollars in IL for assisted, 30 for nursing home) and that covers all non essentials, clothing, snacks, hygiene products and so forth . Adding dog care costs make it even harder unless someone else is permanently footing the bill).
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Perhaps this has already been tried or is not appropriate but are in-home support services possible? There should be lots of information on line by googling that phrase with the relevant state name. Some states like California have hours paid for.
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Some states like California have hours paid for.

FWIW, my mom had 182 hours from IHSS (CA) which, I was told by IHSS, is the maximum number of hours per month they would pay for.* (That's 10 hours a day.) I believe this because the very nice case worker gently guided my form answers to insure my mom would get the maximum.

Is she part of a large medical group? The social workers at Kaiser were extremely helpful in navigating all this.

*There may be exceptions, like possibly hospice, but needing 24-hr care doesn't mean that's going to be an option.
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