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I Need help in finding the book this page is from and the illustrator who worked on it. - Front page & reverse

My partner found this page while going through past memorabilia and this brought up a lot of memories. We think it might be an english version of Struwwelpeter but not sure which. Would love to find the actual book.
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Could it be one of Tomie dePaola's "big books"? List in the link.
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This might be some early Maurice Sendak work, perhaps from the 70s? I don't think it's Tomie de Paola, personally, only because the kid character has such unusually gaunt features compared to how Tomie usually renders children. I'll dig through my library tomorrow and see if I can find anything with similar illustrations.
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Thanks everybody. It apparently is From Bad to Worse: Silly Tales in Silly Verse and the illustrator is Claude Lapointe.
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