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I have a bit over 2 years experience in massage therapy, but my sacroiliac area is chronically bugging me. I've found lots of advice to use good body mechanix, but most of the "experts" talk a good game but then don't seem to walk the walk when I watch their videos. The consensus seems to be:
    • work "under" your sternum
    • keep your "4 points" --front delts and front of hips-- pointing same direction
    • get leverage from hips/thighs, not shoulders/arms
I have a powered height adjustable table, and I think I take good advantage of it.

My real question is ... do people ever record video of themselves, for "post game" analysis? I think the problem for me is that body mechanics is a granular topic, but gets a lot of simplistic slogans shouted out.

I feel like this is worth figuring out, but so far nothing I'm reading/seeing has been profound.
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Is this about massage you're giving or receiving?
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I used to do a lot of massage sans table. So I was getting leverage from shoulders/back. I gave "post game" feedback to someone in training who used me as one of their training massagees. They said leverage came from their legs.

The point of leverage coming from elsewhere is to keep your hands relaxed so you aren't pinching or hurting the massagee. If you are having back pain from your work, I think it would be fine to vary where the leverage comes from and see if that helps.

If you can find someone willing to let you videotape yourself at work on them, I see no reason not to. It doesn't really matter if other people do that or not. If it helps you, awesome.

Also, consider developing your abs. A lot of back pain is related to weak abs.
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Amtho, anyone else-- sorry for lack clarity
I'm looking for analysis of my posture while I'm massaging clients.
I'd like to get video taken and then have it analyzed.
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